Questions and answers

  • What data I can find in this portal?
    In this portal are available presidential election results from year 2002 and parliamentary from year. 2003.
  • How I can use these data?
    Data can be used for analysis and comparisons.
  • What can be compared?
    There can be compared total results, individual results and parties list, results at the republican level and the specific city / municipality,turnout in the elections ..
  • Is it possible to download the chart?
    It is possible to.
  • Are the data available only for the election list or for parliamentary parties too?
    There are available results only for election list
  • Why there are no data for parliamentary and presidential elections from 1990 to 2002?
    Data ara available from 2002 presidential and 2003 parliamentary. For before years ara available only collective results.
  • How you came up to these data?
    All the data are in the site RIK
  • Does these data need to be paid for using them?
    No, using these data is without payment.